About Us

Nature’s Eats, a brand of Texas Star Nut & Food Company, is a family-run business born out of a desire to deliver the freshness of a farmers market to the produce section in grocery stores throughout Texas.

Customers of Nature’s Eats products have the opportunity to taste the best flavor nuts and dried fruits deliver in part due to the vast experience of sourcing found within the leadership of Nature’s Eats and in part due to the quality of packaging perfected by Nature’s Eats.  Available in the produce section of all Texas H-E-B’s, Nature’s Eats products include over 50 varieties of nuts, mixes, and dried fruits. Nature’s Eats is based in Boerne, Texas.

We invite you to live deliciously and enjoy our products as often as you like. 

President:  John C. Taylor
Vice President of Sales:  Robert Henarie
Vice President of Operations:  Jeffrey Taylor
Chief Financial Officer:  Susan Facile