4 Hot Healthy Baking Tips

4 Hot Healthy Baking Tips

Healthy baking tips about how to make healthier desserts

When you start to take on healthy cooking, healthy baking is a part of the deal. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as healthy baking and healthy baking tips. Not all gluten free baking is healthy baking. And if you are going to have baked desserts why not have healthier desserts?

There are so many healthy things to bake and baking tips on how to make healthier desserts. Below you will find 5 HOT Healthy Baking Tips.

1. Go Gluten Free when you can.

You hear about going gluten free everywhere you go. With baking, there is no exception, so if you can go gluten free, why not? Substituting traditional flour with almond flour and coconut flour allow you to turn your ordinary baked goods into healthy baked goods. Both the Nature's Eats Almond Flour and coconut flour contain healthy fats and will help you get fuller faster. Skip out of all those empty calories that come from regular flour and go gluten free.

2. Skip out on Sugar when you can...

We all know how toxic regular white sugar is. The more we can use alternatives to help sweeten our healthy baked goods, the better. You can begin to explore substituting with natural sweeteners like raw agave, raw honey, bananas, dates, lucuma, stevia, and applesauce.

3. Trade out butter for coconut oil

When a recipe is calling for any oil other than coconut oil just substitute with coconut oil Coconut oil is ideal for cooking in high heat; however, it is also a fabulous substitute for all kinds of healthy baking. The flavor of the coconut oil goes extremely well with baked goods and also with gluten-free baking.

4. Substitute Butter with Tofu - especially when making brownies...

In particular with your brownie recipes, replace the butter with pureed silken or soft tofu. Substitute it out with a one to one ratio to replace half of the fat in your favorite brownie recipe. This adds protein and reduces the bad fat in your recipes. It's always good to experiment until you discover your perfect ratios.

If you are willing to do a little experimenting and start incorporating the above healthy baking tips into your favorite baking recipes, you can start getting creative and coming up with all kinds of healthy creations. Today it is so much easier to make healthier desserts and use a lot of different substitutes to make healthy baked goods.

Gluten free baking is not as hard as it seems and there are so many different things you can use to make healthy baked goods. If you are following a paleo diet plan, almond flour or another type of nut flour is going to be the best alternative. Coconut Flour is also another option. Nut flours are higher in protein.

When you are transitioning to a healthier eating lifestyle and to healthy baking, you also will begin to work on adjusting your taste buds. Keep in mind; it can take about three weeks for this to happen. Over this period, you will start to find certain dishes becoming very flavorful that perhaps previously seemed more bland. Just be patient with yourself and continue to learn and educate yourself on how to make healthier choices in the kitchen. Whether it comes to healthy eating or healthy baking, keep exploring options and listen to how your body responds to each small change you introduce.

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