Summer snacking tips from Nature's Eats

Summer snacking tips from Nature's Eats

Nature’s Eats is all about healthy snacks bursting with bold flavor. We know summertime is busy and convenience is at a premium. Here are a few tips from us at Nature’s Eats to help you kick off Summer 2013! 

1) Hidden Gems of Protein at Blanco State Park

If you find yourself lagging in the middle of the afternoon, get a flavorful recharge with dried fruit and nuts, both known to quick sources of essential proteins. Nature’s Eats Chocolate Trail Mix is perfect for that swim in spring-fed Blanco River!

2) Consistent Meal Patterns

In addition to energetic snacking, one should identify a meal pattern that suits their schedule and stick with it. Most people find that one or two snacks a day is satisfy their cravings until the next mealtime. A bag of classic Deluxe Mixed Nuts makes site visits like LBJ State Park and Historic Site less complicated with more time to see the sights!

3) Find What You’re Craving, Sherlock!

Determine what it is you’re craving and swap it for something that contains that same basic element. If it’s salt, try a helping of our Roasted Salted Pistachios. If it’s your sweet tooth, indulge in our Banana Chips!

4) Adaptation is the Key to Survival

Some of us have our go-to favorites, period. Instead of giving them up completely, modify them a little. Instead of those cheese and crackers, try our Big Blend Berry Nutty to keep your taste buds excited. Snack light especially during more sedentary activities, like stargazing

5) Operation: Grocery Store

Steer clear of fast food and hit up the Nature’s Eats racks in the H-E-B produce section. Stocking up on healthy snacks can help with those longer trips or activities like hiking along the Guadalupe River!


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