Dive into a healthy summer with summer salads

Dive into a healthy summer with summer salads

Double the Health Factor When You Pair Leafy Greens with Natural Nuts

Taste-tested and heartily approved, Nature’s Eats presents three vegetarian salads and three meat salads for great variety and a double dose of natural goodness.  Created in the Nature’s Eats kitchen, these scrumptious salads use fan favorites to boost flavor and crunch all summer long.

“Part of our fondness for Nature’s Eats products is creating healthy recipes the whole family can enjoy. Texas summers are especially hot and a cool, crisp salad loaded with natural nutrients refuels the body well. We hope our customers enjoy these salads and we hope also, that our customers feel inspired to share their favorite summer salad recipes with us.”

John Taylor, President of Nature’s Eats

The Salads

Each salad is especially crafted to bring out the best-combined flavor using Nature’s Eats products.

With regards to the vegetarian salads, the Nature’s Eats Mediterranean Salad highlights Nature’s Eats Pine Nuts and delivers the highest amount of delicious nutrients cold or warm. 

A quick and simple salad serving as a perfect compliment to any summer meal is the Nature’s Eats Strawberry Spinach Salad featuring Nature’s Eats Sliced Almonds, toasted on preference for an extra crunch.

For the non-traditional salad experience, feel implored to try Nature’s Eats Walnut Pesto Penne Pasta. With walnuts in the pesto and sprinkled on top, this dish satisfies every time.

Moving into the more substantial salads, Nature’s Eats presents its Panko and Pecan Crusted Chicken with Tomato Avocado Salad. Charming the palate all on it’s own, this salad needs no dressing to enhance flavor or texture.

Perfectly timed and in season is Nature’s Eats Pecan Coated Wild Alaskan Salmon Salad.  Quick and easy, the salmon only requires a ten-minute stint in the oven.

Included in Nature’s Eats Smokey Chicken Salad is both Nature’s Eats dried cranberries and pecans.  Served in brightly colored peppers, this salad is quickly devoured and would make the ideal serving for summer lunches and brunches.

Visit our other salad recipes and to share your own! 

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