Kale Greek Salad with Greek Dressing
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  • Ready in: 20 minutes prep time
  • Servings: 4
  • Portion: 2 cups
Kale Greek Salad with Greek Dressing


This recipe is a simple kale salad but it is also a paleo salad, best tasting with a Greek Dressing.


  1. Wash and de-stem curly kale and break into bite size piece and place in a large bowl.

  2. Clean red grapes and cut them into halves.

  3. Add grapes and Nature's Eats Raw Sunflower Seeds to salad.

  4. Top salad with Shaved Nut Parmesan Cheese and Greek Salad Dressing.

Although kale is one of the most highly nutrient-dense foods, it is also not the best tasting. However, when served with the right combination of flavors and dressing or sauces kale can easily become an all-time favorite. This salad brings in a beautiful blend of flavors from the green earthy kale, the buttery, earthy Nature's Eats Raw Sunflower Seeds and then a hint of sweetness from the grapes. Since red grapes can tend to be on the sweeter side the curly kale helps offset the sweet intensity. Topping this salad off with the Greek Salad Dressing adds a new dimension with the olive and creamy cashew flavoring. The final touch of the Shaved Nut Parmesan Cheese and you are surely to not believe that this is an entirely dairy-free entree.


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