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Blanched Almond Flour

… Almond Flour, or almond meal, is a grain free flour that is wonderful for baking. Baking Ingredients

Organic Almonds

… With a wonderful texture and nutty taste, almonds are a fun high antioxidant snack. Organic Nuts

Pineapple Chunks

… Delectable sweet flavor and packed with Vitamin C, great bite size for snacking or baking. Dried Fruit

Raw Sunflower Kernels

… A protein-rich snack and healthy way to get Vitamin E and help lower blood pressure. Snacks

Natural Pine Nuts

… A sweet, fruity and buttery flavor. Add Pine Nuts to meat, fish, salads and vegetable dishes. Natural Nuts

Banana Chips

… Banana chips supply a great pick me up all day long. Dried Fruit

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